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The deacons of First Baptist Church are a ministering body of men. Acts 6 and 1 Timothy 3 address the initial calling of deacons and address their qualifications.

The deacons of our fellowship are tasked with a number of various responsibilities, some involving direct ministry to the church body and some which involve the function and safety of the church. This in no way implies that the deacons serve in a governing capacity, but rather as a source of commitment, experience and wisdom required and applied to assist the pastor in ensuring a Biblically-based, accountable and growing New Testament church.

Following is a list and brief explanation of the areas of church ministry and function which the deacons have responsibility for. While some of these tasks may be unique to deacon ministry, others will lend themselves to church participation which is necessary and in accordance with Godís design. Serving and ministering should be unique, not only to deacons, but to every child of God in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ (Galatians 5:13).

Chairman: Deacon Boysie Powell
Co-Chairman: Deacon Wilciguss Wimbish
Secretary: Deacon Charlie Curry
Treasurer: Deacon James Davis
Chaplin: Deacon Leroy Hunter

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